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Last Revised: August 2014

1. The Trip Leader is responsible for the trip, and also for collecting any requested charges / or donations.

2. The Trip Leader shall decide if trampers are adequately equipped and shall have the power to refuse to take on a trip any inadequately equipped person.

3. For the safety of all, members shall keep together unless the leader specifically authorises any members to do otherwise.

4. Trip leaders shall obtain, in advance, permission for access to private properties and permits for State or Private Lands, where required.

5. No dogs or firearms shall be taken on trips.

6. All members must notify the leader in advance of their intention to go on a trip. The leader organises transport, notifies members of any variation from the advertised trip, and informs them of any liability for hut fees, etc. Except for acute medical conditions, the member is liable for and must pay in full, all trip dues if that member cancels out later than 8.00 pm the day before trip departure. For bigger trips specified earlier cancellation dates may apply.

7. The Club mini-bus drivers must be Club Members of at least 25 years of age and have at least 3 years clear of any conviction for dangerous driving. Drivers are personally liable for any traffic infringements.

8. The leader of the trip is responsible for refueling the mini-bus after each trip and handing to the Treasurer all money collected as donations, fees or levies. He/She shall also complete the log book and report to the Committee Vehicle Officer any maintenance needs or defects in the mini-bus.

9. The minimum number of persons on the mini-bus shall be seven on a Club trip or donations equivalent to seven people must be made. For example $10 for 7 people = $70 so if only 6 people go, each must donate $11.70 to achieve the minimum return of $70. There is no rebate for greater numbers.

10. Our Club van is for the use of Taupo Tramping Club trips only.

11. Activation of the Club’s Emergency Locator Beacon shall be under Club policy and instructions as published from time to time (and as attached to the beacon)

Winter View Of Mt. Taranaki (mt. Egmont), New Zealand