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Day Trip requirements

What you need as a minimum for a day trip – all carried in a day backpack.​

  • Boots, waterproof parka and light over-trousers, spare warm clothing (wool or fibre fleece)
  • Warm hat and gloves.
  • Survival foil blanket or bag.
  • Torch with spare batteries(LED head torch is best as it leaves your hands free), candle, waterproof matches.
  • First Aid kit – including water purifying tablets or water filter.
  • Fire-lighting materials – waterproof matches or lighter, fire-lighter or piece of rubber.
  • Relevant map, compass, pen and paper.
  • GPS if you have one.
  • PLB if the party is not carrying the club PLB.

​If you need essential medication make sure you take two days’ supply, and a complete change of clothes should be left in the bus whilst you are tramping.

Lunch: This is your personal selection; a hot drink is advisable on a cooler day plus a filled water bottle, or water bladder. Some over-the-counter sports gels give an immediate energy boost. A short stop for morning tea (hot or cold drink and a snack) is usual on a club tramps.

Multi Day Requirements

For a longer trip, i.e. overnight or multiday – In addition to the day trip kit:

  • Suitably-sized backpack and liner.
  • Sleeping bag, liner, mattress and tent/fly sheet if no hut.
  • Stove and fuel, matches, billy or other cooking pot, eating utensils and food.
  • Gear for use in the hut / tent (lightweight footwear, change of clothing – dry, light and warm).
  • Toilet gear/toilet paper, lightweight towel, biodegradable soap.

A seemingly uneventful trip could be held up for some reason and evenings and nights can be cold – so be prepared.

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