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Distance 42.10 km Duration 17 hrs 25 mins Ascent 1128+ meters Length Multi-Day Location Tasman Trip Grading Fit

A fairly hard three day two nights tramp with the option to “knock-off” Mount Arthur ( 799masl) on the way. The huts are all different with Balloon being newer, Flora rather past its sell-by date and Mount Arthur Hut delightful for its position and views. Times may seem a bit slow to young bloods but the average age of the party on this occasion was over 68 whilst for Mount Arthur it was 70!
Day 1. 14.05kms 6 hrs 30 mins 478+m
Day 2. 19.04kms 6 hrs 55 mins 150+m
Day 3. 9.01kms 4 hours 500+m
Last Updated March 2010

Start Point: Easting 1601202 Northing 5449646

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