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Distance 5 km Duration 2 hrs 40mins Ascent 275 meters Length Single-Day Location West Coast Trip Grading Moderate

This tramp was done as a guided three quarter day walk starting about 11:00am and aiming to get back to town about 5pm. Due to the party being held-up on the descent by a crevasse rescue return to town was after 6pm – more or less a full day. Boots, socks, crampons, over trousers and jackets were all supplied by the guiding company though you can wear your own. The access walk in through the woods takes just over an hour is, in places, made frustrating by the guides taking up-and-over detours away from the river when it is in flood – safety comes first .Once on the ice, after crampon fitting and technique briefing, progress is governed by the pace of the least confident / slowest member of the party as the guide makes this person follow immediately behind them. The walk was then an uphill struggle, until the crampon style was mastered, for about 2 hours using pre-cut steps until the “ice-fall” zone was entered. Lunch was eaten just below this zone. The exit off the ice took about the same time since well over 30 minutes was spent “holding” till a rescue was performed.
Last Updated March 2008

Start Point: Easting 1370855 Northing 5188299

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