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Distance 82.8 km Duration 30 hrs 57 mins Ascent 1733 meters Length Multi-Day Location Tasman Trip Grading Moderate

A detailed record of the “Taupo hobbits” 5 day tramp of the Heaphy using Bush & Beyond as organisers and guides – well worth it! Track quoted at 75km but is in fact 82km with Day 1 a long relentless ascent but nothing to break the legs or lungs. After that is it mainly downhill or level with only the odd grunt required. Super quality new huts and amazing coastline to walk along.
Day 1. 19.3kms 7 hrs 14 mins 818m
Day 2. 13.1kms 5 hrs 12 mins 189m
Day 3. 12.1kms 4 hrs 51 mins 250m
Day 4. 21.2kms 7 hrs 22 mins 87m
Day 5. 17.1kms 6 hrs 18 mins 389m
Last Updated March 2015

Start Point: Easting 1553580 Northing 5477981

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