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Distance 9.69 km Duration 5:12min Ascent +/- 400 meters Length Single-Day Location Waikato Trip Grading Fit

A moderately stiff walk of 5 hours to 5:30 minutes on a pretty rough track in places, especially near the start of the tramp down into the first valley. There are fantastic views of Ruapehu etc plus the cascades down which you traverse on a steep, tricky rock ladder – but even the less agile fitted with bionic parts can negotiate this section up and down with patience from other trampers. The path improves dramatically at the foot of the cascades / rock ladder and walking becomes easier. There are a couple of river crossings and feet wetting is not unknown but if the water level is not too high there are ample stepping stones. The Mangaturuturu Hut is reached within 1:30 to 2 hours. Then it is over the next river, for some “high-speed” boardwalk then some more slightly tricky ascending with sections of boardwalk and gravel path to the lake. The hut to the lake takes about 30 – 45 minutes each way.

Last Updated 2019

Start Point: Easting 1816993 Northing 5645879

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