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Distance 9.9 km Duration 5 hrs 33 min Ascent 850 meters Length Single-Day Location Waikato Trip Grading Moderate

Distance-wise this is not a long walk but the terrain makes it moderately demanding for most trampers and a fair amount of tramping skill is involved. This is an A to B walk a van mover is required to ensure you have transport waiting at the end. The distance is only about 10 kilometers but the terrain is very hilly with a great deal of unrelenting ascending and descending. Altitude varies from 247masl at the start to just over 800masl at the summit trig point with a rough estimate of about 850 metres of ascent. However, there is an escape route for the weary since at about 7km distance the track crosses a new, gently sloping, wide, gravel track which takes about an hour to get through to the end – some 20 to 30 minutes quicker than the old, rough track as described in this tramp. An update of the track with waypoints was compiled in 2017 but a new “write-up” not done

Last Updated 2007 & 2017

Start Point: Easting 1826436 Northing 5791714

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