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Distance 16.98 km Duration 6hr 50min Ascent 1177 meters Length Single-Day Location Waikato Trip Grading Fit

One of the must-do walks on the North Island which takes 5–7 hours. Very strenuous effort is required on the 1.5km ascent of the actual cone – where 1177m are gained – with the descent being shorter and quicker but it involves “scree-skating” – not for the weak of leg or faint-hearted. There are many well placed warning notices about volcanic activity and of falling – or rolling – boulders on the actual cone. Full attention must be paid to the warnings as this is a fairly high risk outing. Careful planning and attention to the weather must be applied.
Last Updated 2013

This is a culturally sensitive area and iwi have respectfully asked that people do not climb Mt Ngauruhoe.

Start Point: Easting 1823044 Northing 5663953

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