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Distance 16.62 km Duration 7 hrs 20 mins Ascent 1600 meters Length Single-Day Location Waikato Trip Grading Fit

A very tough tramp that covers next to no distance at all but requires a high level of fitness, a lot of tramping skill and nerves of steel at times. Comment of the day on the way in was “Pirongia defends herself well” – endless, steep rough ascents and re-ascents whilst on the way out it was “She does not let her visitors go easily” (vicious descents and re-ascents). However the feelings of satisfaction are high, the views – when they come –are worth it and it is a tramp that can be undertaken in pretty wild weather though if it was overly wet the mud sections would be a bit trying. At a rough estimate some 1,600 metres were ascended over the entire tramp with an overall gain in reaching the summit of 800 metres. This is an over-nighter as only the super fit / fast could do it in a day.
Last Updated Oct 2010

Start Point: Easting 1788782 Northing 5795407

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