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Distance 16.5 km Duration 6 hrs 30 mins-7 hrs 30 mins Ascent 250 meters Length Single-Day Location Waikato Trip Grading Moderate

NOT TO BE TRIED WITHOUT SOMEONE WHO HAS BEEN BEFORE: moderate, adventurous outing in this mainly uncharted tramp to slowly build up a long walk passing through Merrilee’s Clearing for the future. The only real ascent and descent is over the hill with the quarry at the top right at the start of the outing – and this is only about 150 metres ascent. The walking is tricky since it is mostly on uncharted, hunters’ tracks or where efforts were being made to establish tracks via bush-whacking – but it is nice soft going. The first part is on old, heavily overgrown logging road and the latter part is on Punchy’s road which is an old, disused gravel road. Total walking time, which included all the trail finding , was just less than 7 hours 30 minutes. In Oct 2012 a new section of track was found and used but ended up with some bush-bashing to get back on course. Read the story.
Last Updated Oct 2012

Start Point: Easting 1880485 Northing 5683844

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