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Distance 27.2 km Duration 9 hrs 48 mins Ascent N/D meters Length Multi-Day Location Waikato Trip Grading Fit

A walk which is hard enough in summer time and which can be a real challenge in winter conditions. The first day is virtually the Tongariro Alpine Crossing but going to Oturere Hut instead of via the Ketetahi Hut. Day 2 comprises a relatively easy walk out via Waihohonu to the Desert Road. Careful preparation has to be made for this tramp and a very close study made of the weather forecast. Equipment required does include extra layers, heavyweight gloves, crampons and ice axe. Inexperienced walkers should consider long and hard before setting out as conditions can be vicious, but once there with clear skies the views are spectacular.
Day 1. 13.65kms 5 hrs 23 mins N/D
Day 2. 13.55kms 4 hrs 25 mins N/D
Last Updated Sept 2011

Start Point: Easting 1823039 Northing 5663994

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