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Distance 80.75 km Duration 38 hrs 55 mins Ascent +/-3110 meters Length Multi-Day Location Waikato Trip Grading Fit

A walk and a half covering over 80km of some of the most rugged terrain in the North Island round Mount Ruapehu in four to five days. The first day is virtually the Tongariro Alpine crossing but going to Oturere Hut instead of via the Ketetahi Hut. Day 2 comprises over 21km down past the Waihohonu Hut, crossing the Tukino Alpine access road, passing the course of the “Lahar” flow and on to Rangipo Hut – the highest hut on the walk. Day 3 is huge effort of over 24km passing the Mangaehuehu Hut and the track to the Blyth Hut to emerge on Ohakune Mountain road then continue down the “Cascades” to the Mangaturuturu Hut. Day 4 is shorter at just over 12km if Scoria Flats is the target and over 15km if Whakapapa is the aim and, apart from Lake Surprise plus a few magnificent mountain views, there are few other features to note on Day 4.
Day 1. 12.64kms 5 hrs 45 mins +/-760m
Day 2. 21.10kms 9 hours +/-500m
Day 3. 24.26kms 11 hours +/-900m
Day 4. 12.75kms 8 hrs 10 mins +/-800m
Day 5. 10kms 5 hours +/-150m
Last Updated Feb 2008

Start Point: Easting 1823060 Northing 5664016

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