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Distance 77.02 km Duration 33 hrs 53 mins Ascent 2992 meters Length Multi-Day Location Nelson Trip Grading Fit

A fit 6 day tramp by a group with average age of 68 years and the oldest just on 77 years – there was a plan to visit the Blue Lake but common sense prevailed. This tramp was done after a days rest on completing the Angelus Hut tramp – so if you cope easily with the Robert Ridge and Angelus you should mange to complete this wonderful high country outing! If Angelus feels hard think twice before hitting Travers Sabine.
Day 1. 25.10kms 8 hrs 35 mins 659m
Day 2. 7.10kms 3 hrs 50 mins 500m
Day 3. 8.95kms 6 hrs 45 mins 553m
Day 4. 15.77kms 6 hrs 10 mins 335m
Day 5. 12.79kms 5 hrs 40 mins 734m
Day 6. 7.31kms 2 hrs 53 mins 211m
Last Updated Mar 2012

Start Point: Easting 1587531 Northing 5372248

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