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Distance 19.5 km Duration 7h 18min Ascent 1329 meters Length Single-Day Location Waikato Trip Grading Fit

Several years ago Cyclone Bola obliterated the track linking Urchin and Umukarikari and the tramp described here is on the link which was reopened in 2009, the track has improved in the years since then. This is a hard day walk requiring between 7 and 10 hours and should not be undertaken by large parties or the fainthearted. The actual “link” is best described as a gnarly, grunty obstacle course in several places, but it is well worth doing. The tramp can be done in either direction but as the car park at Urchin is about 120m higher than the one for Umukarikari the attraction of less altitude to overcome is worth considering. Recorded map distance is 17.5km but in fact, with altitude 1300m or so ascending, distance is nearer 19.5km.

Last updated Feb 2016

Start Point: Easting 1844846 Northing 5662237

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Dec 2024

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