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Distance 28.20 km Duration 13h Ascent 1300 meters Length Multi-Day Location Waikato Trip Grading Fit

A long, relatively strenuous tramp of 5 – 7 hours covering 14km each way, ascending over 900m on the way in and 500m on the way out. The high point is just off the summit of Umukarikari (1591m) whilst the hut is at about 1100m and the start at just over 700. There is a bit of a brutal start as it is steep uphill as soon as the car park is exited into the beech forest. Once up through the forest the path is well marked but rather exposed on adverse weather days so beware since there are quite a few bluffs around. Some of the eroded steps should be repaired and upgraded soon (2010) but at present they are a challenge for Hobbits. The new track sign for the Urchin track is a good indicator of progress and is a bit before the Umukarikari summit. After the high point vegetation is a bit scarce but the views can be magnificent as the descent commences. The final hour down to the hut is a challenge as the track is very degraded, well gullied and often rocky and gravelly. The hut itself is superb and is in a great location for evening views.
Last updated November 2010

Day 1: 14.1km 6h 30min 800m ascent
Day 2: 14.1km 6h 30min 500m ascent

Start Point: Easting 1845058 Northing 5663793

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