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Distance 67.41 km Duration 32 hrs 50 mins Ascent 1500 meters Length Multi-Day Location West Coast Trip Grading Fit

A very hard five day four nights tramp on some of the toughest back-country tracks tackled for a long time. Many very tricky sections, wicked ascents and descents – some of them on or past landslips. Good huts all the way and not overly busy whilst the South Island Robins were a delight every day. Walking times may seem very slow but the average age of the party was over 68 and many people had commented in the hut books that times quoted on track notices were not quite accurate enough and virtually all trampers took a lot longer than the DoC times!
Day 1. 12.71kms 4 hrs 30 mins +/-200m
Day 2. 20.90kms 9 hrs 40 mins +/-500m
Day 3. 9.94kms 5 hours +/-300m
Day 4. 13.25kms 9 hrs 40 mins +/-400m
Day 5. 10.61kms 4 hours +/-100m
Last Updated Mar 2010

Start Point: Easting 1565046 Northing 5411919

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