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Distance 20.60 km Duration 6 hrs Ascent 400+ meters Length Single-Day Location Bay of Plenty Trip Grading Easy

Depending on what you do this can be a long walk as it can take 3 to 3:30 minutes one way down Lake Okataina, hence you could be looking at 7 hours if you do full length in and out. If this is the plan then leave Taupo by 7:30am. The walk is NOT strenuous as there are no real slopes to task you, the footpath is good and is well marked. The forest is basically re-growth so not too many large trees but there are many ferns of various types plus abundant bird-calls. The walk is in forest all the way so not too many views but those that are offered of the lake are most picturesque.
Last Updated January 2018

Start Point: Easting 1900846 Northing 5777435

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